Some of the works featured will be programs and apps that I have built, or would like to build in the future.

My research goal is to explore the use of low cost, open source (Arduino based) modules for data acquisition. Given the abundance of analog sensors available to use with the Arduino, there are so many applications and chances for collecting data from.

The primary theme of my recent research is developing a system for the open source moudules that can be installed somewhere in the world, and provide access to the user remotely.

In addition to constructing open source modules, I have also spent most of my summer learning Linux and Apache. As the price of commerical web hosting increases, I felt that a great summer project would be to learn how to build and manage my own LAMP server.


Currently I am working on completing my BS degree at UC San Diego in Cognitive Science with an emphasis in HCI. Feel free to visit the department's website here.

Web Projects


At first, one of my goals for going to college was to learn how to build websites. I was very interested in the ubiquity of the WWW and how we interact with technology so frequently for all kinds of things. My main interest started out with learning how content was made.

When I made my first website in the fall of 2010 in a visual art computing course, I got my first formal experience making content. This was also one of my first lower division class I took at UCSD, which made me realize that I was in a great place to learn more about new and exciting technology.

Since then, I have learned many things: from programming content for responsive design across all devices, to setting up a residental LAMP web server. Some of the projects displayed here are from school, but others are primarily done in my own time. One of my main research interests has been learning how to create sensor based modules to send data from one location in the world to a website.

Browser to SMS

One subject that caught my attention was how communication can be made from one medium to another. In this case, I was able to find some starter code from a blog written by Kevin Jensen. I was able to put together a simple prototype that allowed for one-way messaging system from a website to a user's mobile phone.

This is a great tool when I want to send a URL from my computer to my mobile phone.

Arduino + Maps


In the beginning of summer of 2013, I wanted to start learning more about the plethora of sensor driven applications utilizing the Arduino. Along with my interest of content creation for the web, I also enjoy utilizing the possibilities with the Arduino interface. One of my primary goals is to create a system which captures data with the Arduino and sends the data to the internet.

Door Counter

One of my first Arduino projects started 5/20/2013 was to rig a PIR sensor to the Arduino that would count the number of people who would walk into a business. I was given permission by a local business owner to test my module at her busy convience store.

The module almost ready for installation.

Utilizing the Arduino Uno, a PIR sensor housing, and a tethered connection to my extra Linux laptop, I was able to create a proximity based motion sensor module.


coming soon...!